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Imagine a deadly racing game
where you are the pedestrian


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All the stuff that makes playing Chicken Jump awesome.

1-8 Player multiplayer fun

Play with friends or try to simultaneously control as many players as you can yourself

Embrace Chaos

Smiles on players faces guaranteed due to carefully designed physics-based-humour-engine aka pure chaos.

Maddingly Simple

One button controls make the game very accessible on mobile and desktop so even your mom can play with you

Unlock skills & environments

Loads of unlockable character classes with different special abilities & environments: slow down traffic, start at higher waves & many more

Collect cards to increase skills

Card mechanic: some classes abilities increase - the more characters you have unlocked/collected

Jump around!

Special party modes and custom made jump pads for public events available allowing players to control characters by physically jumping

Chicken Party

Many different games modes and minigames for local multiplayer availble

U want COINS?

Get free coins & stuff by playing the worlds biggest human COINCHINKO!

Like some challenge?

Easy to learn, hard to master bla bla or as PewDiePie said: 'This game is shit' just because he was too slow

Some Quotes

What others think about the game

  • Alexandru Chirila, Softpedia

    This is what multiplayer arcade fun is supposed to look like... ChickenJump is ridiculous, so ridiculous you can’t stay away from it.

  • PewDiePie

    No, we both died.
    This game is shit.

  • Sean Murray, Hello Games

    9 player game made in 8 hours from Firepunchd looks like the best thing you'll play today... (Note by Firepunchd: first prototype was for 9 players, now the maximum number is 8)"

  • Tom Woolford, GoPlayThat

    The thing about this game is you cannot stop playing.

  • Snivy_Scott on Gamejolt.com

    I wasn't able to play but I'll still rate 4 stars I saw someone play I quite liked it.

  • Mark Brown, Pocketgamer

    But really, Chicken Jump took home a prize at the Gamescom Big Indie Pitch simply because it was fun, unassuming, and didn't take itself seriously in the slightest.


2nd Place at pocketgamer Big Indie Pitch Gamescom 2015

Copyright © Firepunchd 2015 logo Firepunchd These awesome work these fine people provided helped make this game.

The beautiful town of Chicken assets and many many characters were created by @mikelovesrobots.I owe U!

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